The following documents and descriptions under this section are intended for universities and colleges in the United States. They are currently under revision to reflect a change in the recognition status of the Academy. At this time the Academy is not a Title IV accreditor for colleges within the United States. Institutions accredited by the Academy before January 1, 2011 remain recognized for Title IV funding until July 1, 2012. For a schedule of current fees and dues or additional information please contact the Academy Office. For international applications please click here.

Standards and Criteria for Institutional Accreditation

Application for Preaccreditation

Application for Institutional Accreditation

For new colleges or universities that have not been accredited previously or are not currently accredited, see the Application for Preaccreditation.  For accredited institutions that want AALE to be their accreditor of record; institutions that are reapplying for AALE accreditation; or institutions that want AALE and their regional accreditor to conduct a joint accreditation review, see the Application for Institutional Accreditation.
Standards and Criteria for Program Accreditation

Application for Program Accreditation

For colleges or universities that seek AALE as their programmatic accreditor for a program within the institution that grants a Baccalaureate.  
Standards and Criteria for Certification

Application for Certification

For colleges or universities with a liberal arts core or group of courses that, while required, do not lead to a Baccalaureate or for colleges or schools that do not offer a full Baccalaureate degree.
Policies and Procedures with Appeals Manual AALE's handbook of policies and  procedures for accredited programs and institutions.
Bylaws The Academy's Bylaws.
Self Study Manual

Guide to Self Study

Information and Guidelines for the completion of the Self Study.


Site Visit Manual Information and Guidelines for the planning of third party site visits.
Annual Institutional Reporting Form

Monitoring of Institutions Supplement to Annual Institutional Reporting Form
Must be completed by each Accredited institution or program annually.  Institutional Representatives will be contacted with due dates.
AALE Self-Evaluation Survey This document is for those schools and/or third parties to comment on the appropriateness of AALE's unique curriculum Standards and Criteria.  The Academy welcomes third party comments, but please include your name, title, and affiliation. The deadline for returning the survey is June 30, 2011.

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