Great Books Program at Benedictine College (KS)

Great Books Program at Benedictine College (KS). The Great Books Program at Benedictine College leads students to ponder fundamental questions through the greatest texts from classical antiquity to modernity, from Homer to Aquinas and from Dante to Dostoevsky. The Program is an option for students who want to fulfill general education requirements in a more traditional Liberal Arts format. Because the Liberal Arts constitute one of the four pillars of a Benedictine education, many courses at Benedictine College qualify as Great Books courses. Our specific Great Books courses follow a chronological sequence, which follows over four semesters the historical development of human thought and imagination in history: The Ancient World, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance and The Moderns. The courses are open to all students, whatever major, allowing anyone who wants to encounter history’s great minds in a seminar environment the ability to enroll. For additional information visit,