Standards Review

NOTICE: The AALE Board of Trustees has opened a systematic review of the AALE Program Standards. A 30-day period for public commentary will begin on December 14, 2020. For further information see: AALE Standards review 2020-21

The American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE) reviews its Standards for accreditation on a regular cycle to ensure that they remain current and provide a consistent basis for evaluating and supporting the educational quality of liberal arts programming. The following activities contribute to the standards review process:

  • bi-annual review by the AALE Board of Trustees of comments received from members and site visitors pertaining to current standards;
  • systematic review of standards every five years conducted by the Council of Scholars and including survey of members and interested third parties with results presented to the AALE Board of Trustees for review.

Proposed revisions to standards are posted for public comment before final approval by the AALE Board of Trustees.

The American Academy for Liberal Education welcomes comments on its Standards. Comments should be submitted in writing to the national office at