Honors College at Baylor University (TX)

Honors College at Baylor University (TX). The Honors College at Baylor University unites four innovative programs fostering a community of students and faculty devoted to the love of learning, the cultivation of wonder, and the pursuit of life’s most important questions through rich conversations. In the Great Texts major students study foundational works of literature, theology, and philosophy in seminar-style classes; consider the questions that contemporary disciplines set aside; and explore the connections between what we know, how we live, and what we enjoy. In the University Scholars major students of high-ability who love interdisciplinary discourse in the liberal arts and sciences chart a personalized educational journey in consultation with faculty advisers. The Baylor Interdisciplinary Core explores the interrelation of humanities and social sciences, providing students with a broad context to understand the contemporary world. Exploring literature and thought from around the world, BIC students receive a global education. The Honors Program is designed for students who love to learn and inquire more deeply into their subjects. For additional information visit, https://www.baylor.edu/honorscollege/.