Honors College at Belmont Abbey College (NC)

Honors College at Belmont Abbey College (NC). The Honors College at Belmont Abbey College is an unique opportunity for students who love reading, are quietly perceptive and enjoy listening to, or participating in, discussions of important matters both in and out of the classroom. We turn primary attention to the reading of books which implicitly or explicitly make a bold claim of wisdom about the most important matters in human life. This kind of reading asks much of students and their teachers. The efforts of all are rewarded with a breadth and depth of understanding that is one of the most important accomplishments of a liberal education. Unique is a substantial focus in our curriculum on writers sometimes referred to as “Ancients, Christians and Moderns.” Prominent in our consideration of these authors are the shaping effects they have had on life in the 21st century. For additional information visit, https://belmontabbeycollege.edu/academics/honors-college/.