Publications Archive

The American Academy for Liberal Educations (AALE) maintains an archive of AALE publications. The following papers are electronically available here for general reading. Publications may not be printed or distributed without the express written consent of the publisher.

What is a School?  
Jacques Barzun (Jacques Barzun Essays, 2002)

Discerning is More than Counting
John Harris and Dennis Sansom (AALE Occasional Papers in Liberal Education #3, 2000)

Two Approaches to Constructing a Liberal Education: An AALE Scholars Debate
Peter Kalkavage and Glen Thurow (AALE Occasional Papers in Liberal Education, 1999)

Liberal Arts Education in the Twenty-First Century
W.R. Connor (AALE Occasional Papers in Liberal Education #2, 1998)

Pernicious Amnesia: Combating the Epidemic
Jaroslav Pelikan (AALE Jacques Barzun Award Lecture, 1997)