Topic: Liberal Arts: A Historical Explainer

Cecilia Gaposchkin is Associate Professor of History and Assistant Dean of Faculty for Pre-major Advising at Dartmouth College (NH). Her scholarship on Medieval French cultural history focuses on the intersection of politics, kingship and representation. She is the author of: The Making of Saint Louis (IX) of France: Kingship, Sanctity and Crusade in the Later Middle Ages (Cornell: 2008); The Most Glorious of Kings: Texts relating to the Cult of Saint Louis of France (Notre Dame: 2012); and, with Sean Field and Larry Field, The Sanctity of Louis IX: Early Lives of Saint Louis by Geoffrey of Beaulieu and William of Chartres (Cornell: 2014).  

As a 2015 Public Voices Fellow at Dartmouth College, Gaposchkin has entered the national conversation on the meaning and value of liberal arts education. Her op-ed pieces have appeared in the Huffington Post (“Just what are the liberal arts anyway?” Huffington Post. July 20, 2015), the Pacific Standard (With Dr. Leslie Fall. “A Safer Health Care System Starts with the Liberal Arts.” Pacific Standard. September 28, 2015) and The Conversation (“Stop saying the STEM fields are not part of the Liberal Arts.” The Conversation. November 5, 2015). In August 2015 her op-ed piece, “Why the tech world highly values a liberal arts degree” was published on Valerie Strauss’ blog, “The Answer Sheet” in the Washington Post. Here it is reproduced under the author’s original title: The Liberal Arts: A Historical Explainer. 

Cecilia Gaposchkin. “The Liberal Arts: A Historical Explainer”