Topic: Pursuing a Liberal Education with the Harvard Classics

Paula Marantz Cohen, Distinguished Professor of English at Drexel University, serves as the Dean of the Pennoni Honors College. A recipient of the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, her research focuses on Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century English and American Literature and Film Studies. Her scholarly publications include, Alfred Hitchcock: the Legacy of Victorianism (University of Kentucky Press: 1995), The Daughter as Reader: Encounters Between Literature and Life (University of Michigan Press: 1996), and Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth (Oxford University Press: 2001). An accomplished writer of non-fiction, she has authored six novels and the play, The Triangle.

Currently, Cohen serves as co-editor of the Journal of Modern Literature and is host of the talk show The Drexel InterView which is broadcast on university-affiliated and community access television stations throughout the United States. Her essays, stories and reviews have appeared in The Yale Review, the Times Literary Supplement, The American Scholar, The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Wall Street Journal. Cohen’s op-ed piece, “A Year of 15-Minute Daily Doses from the Harvard Classics” first appeared in the Wall Street Journal in December 2014. It is reproduced here with its extended title – Pursuing a liberal education with disciplined attention to Cicero, Swift, Hume and others on the ‘five-foot shelf’.

Paula Marantz Cohen. “A Year of 15-Minute Daily Doses from the Harvard Classics