Nominations for Annual Elections post by May 14, 2014

The Nominating Committee actively seeks nominations for public members to the Board of Trustees. Recommendations for nominations must reach the Nominating Committee at aaleadmin@aale.org by February 13, 2014.


Latest ACTA survey on General Education Requirements at
American Colleges and Universities

What will they learn? This report suggests that an increasing number of America's most influential colleges and universities are requiring less than in previous generations in the areas of composition, literature, foreign language, US government and history, economics, mathematics and science. In short, the very areas that the Academy has established as a floor for building a robust liberal arts education. It further articulates why this trend ought to be of concern to the culture, parents, students, business and political leaders of the West. Also linked under our recent articles section is an excellent essay by professor Stanley Fish that adds further concern about the education that awaits the next generation.

Recent AALE Accreditation Actions

The AALE Board of Trustees recently met to review several applications for accreditation. For a list of AALE Board actions and new member institutions, please follow these links: for colleges and universities, click here, for charter schools, click here

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